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Social media algorithms get updated more often than you can blink, it’s quite hard to keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends. Luckily, some techniques are evergreen when it comes to marketing on these platforms. So stick around because we’re about to dig in and clarify the mystery behind the Top 5 social media marketing techniques once and for all.

Technique #1: Content Marketing

Also known as content strategy, marketing through content is an effective, long-term method that simultaneously builds up one’s reputation and brand image. The idea behind it is to educate and provide value to one’s target audience through researched, tested, and tried information so that they feel compelled to trust you and, consequently, purchase your services and/or products.

Content Marketing is mostly necessary for service providers, as one cannot demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in a better way than by sharing it. Not only that, but through content, an entrepreneur can bring awareness to challenges and needs that their prospects may have without even realizing so. Content marketing is the simplest and easiest way of pushing a lead forward through the customer journey and ensuring all their doubts are addressed at every touchpoint. 

Technique #2: Paid Advertising

Social media platforms have bent backward to offer businesses more opportunities to reach their target audiences. In fact, some people have started wondering if they are now bordering on privacy infringement. While those concerns are valid, it is definitely hard to ignore all the outreach potential of paid advertisements on these platforms. With so many targeting features and options, it is now easier than ever to reach one’s ideal audience without even knowing them or ever talking to them before.

However, while the potential is there, you also need to know how to make the most of it. To ensure your ads perform well, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Research your target market well and know as much about them as possible
  • Make sure your message is clear and compellingly described
  • Your visual (photo or video) is professionally done, stands out, and piques curiosity
  • The offer you’re selling is what your target audience needs or wants, and they realize that

It is always a good idea to do some A/B testing before putting your eggs in one basket or investing all your marketing budget into one advertisement.

Technique #3 Brand Ambassadors

If you have an established business, you already have people in your corner who believe in your services and your impact. They could be past clients, current employees, business partners, etc. These are your brand ambassadors and your relationship with them holds more value than you may realize. Since these people are already convinced of the value you provide, they would not be reluctant to spread out the word, recommend you when the need for your services arises, and do small favors for you like write a good review on platforms like Clutch, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, Yelp, and many more.

You may even be able to incentivize your ambassadors through small gifts, like discounts, prize draws, or referral commissions. Or, you could exchange recommendations, enter different partnerships (if you have complementary services and/or products), start a campaign or a long-term project together, do guest posts, or collaborate in some other manner that would lead to a win-win situation for everyone involved. The possibilities are endless!

Method #4: Influencers

Unlike brand ambassadors, influencers are not individuals who already know you or your services well. Brand Ambassadors typically have large followings on some social media platforms and a high rate of engagement. Needless to say, they also receive a lot of advertisement requests so you will need to compete with other brands for their attention.

While that may be challenging, it is not impossible. Firstly, they are quite easy to find. A Google search should get you a good list, but you can also look right on your choice of social media platform for the most popular hashtags (usually the short-form ones) and see who pops up on there most often. You can also find them on directories like BuzzSumo, Heepsy, Upfluence, and more. I do recommend going for micro-influencers (under 50K followers) instead of macro or mega-influencers (more than 50K followers), as the engagement rate keeps dropping after a certain level. Plus, micro-influencers are also more affordable and more eager to work with external brands.

Method #5: Live Sessions

The overall goal of social media is to build connections. While posting content, pictures, and videos is effective in showcasing your personality and allowing others to get to know you and your brand, it is a one-way communication. To truly build a connection, you must implement strategies that encourage a two-way communication flow. One method of doing that is by asking questions and engaging on others’ posts. An even better and more intimate method is showing up live.

Live streaming took off during the pandemic and it has not stopped yet. The growth predictions and monetizing potential of this trend are out of this world, and the benefits match them. From getting feedback to answering burning questions to promoting new offers, live videos are definitely the golden pot. I do realize that for many of you it may be nerve-wracking, worrisome, or unappealing but it does get better with practice. You don’t want to let your doubts and fears get in the way of this opportunity. Feel free to take your time and plan it out, but do give it a shot. 

Now that you have a better understanding of the Top 5 social media marketing techniques and what each entails, you should be able to create a top-notch, integrative marketing campaign to knock your goals out of the ballpark. However, I do understand if this is too much to chew on at the moment. So, if you’re ready to get started but don’t know exactly where or how, reach out to me. I’m always willing to help.

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