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Top 5 Website Myths

Top 5 Website Myths

Home > Articles by: Kowanna Parran If you’re thinking about getting a website, then smart move! If you already have one, then you’re probably aware of its potential. A website is one of the best tools to have in your business arsenal, as long as you know how to use it. But this is highly influenced by how well you understand website development, design, SEO, and how to run an online business overall. A lot

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Staying Relevant in a Digital World

Staying Relevant in a Digital World

Home > Articles by: Kowanna Parran Digitalization seems to have picked up an extremely fast pace of change. For an online business this means catching up or getting left out. It is undoubtedly difficult for businesses to keep abreast with such changes but managing to do so will set you apart. Tech savvy entrepreneurs who make the effort to stay relevant are sure winners. If you are still unsure how to ride the great digital

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5 Best Practices for Digital Ads

Digital Ads

Home » Kowanna Parran More and more products, services, and especially customers are now online. So, it only makes sense to market your offerings digitally too. Simply put, digital advertising is a method of leveraging the internet and online platforms to deliver promotional ads to your consumers using various channels. Whether digital or traditional, the aim is to use the ads to tell the story of your brand; but the main difference lies in the

Software for Online Business

Home » Kowanna Parran Starting an online business is easier than ever. However, running it is another ball game altogether. With emerging technology, a lot of the operations can be done more efficiently and effectively, minimizing the number of errors and time that it would have taken with a brick-and-mortar business. Whether you’re a solopreneur or work with a team, you will need to handle some of the same basic business operations. Thankfully, you now

Digital Business

Home > Articles by: Kowanna Parran The recent pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. For many businesses, this has translated into a big loss of profit, if not bankruptcy. How many businesses have you heard of that have closed their doors since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic? Let meus sharetell you some numbers with you… only within the first month or two of the pandemic, more than 3 million businesses in the

Online Business

Home > Articles by: Kowanna Parran How many times have you heard the phrase, “if you build it, they will come?” But that’s not the end of the story. With so much competition out there, if your website isn’t fast, secure, and user friendly, viewers are likely to quickly move on to the next available option. So how do you get viewers to stick around long enough for them to learn that you have the

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The Top Online Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions

Home » Kowanna Parran As a business owner, ensuring secure online transactions that safeguard both your interest and that of your clients should be of paramount importance to you. That is why I want to help you compare and contrast some of the top online payment solutions available. The right choice will depend on your budget, business scale, tech-savviness, and geographic location. PayPal If you haven’t already used it, you have at least heard about

Marketing Techniques

Home » Kowanna Parran Social media algorithms get updated more often than you can blink, it’s quite hard to keep up to date with the latest and greatest trends. Luckily, some techniques are evergreen when it comes to marketing on these platforms. So stick around because we’re about to dig in and clarify the mystery behind the Top 5 social media marketing techniques once and for all. Technique #1: Content Marketing Also known as content

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