Staying Relevant in a Digital World

Staying Relevant in a Digital World

Digitalization seems to have picked up an extremely fast pace of change. For an online business this means catching up or getting left out. It is undoubtedly difficult for businesses to keep abreast with such changes but managing to do so will set you apart. Tech savvy entrepreneurs who make the effort to stay relevant are sure winners. If you are still unsure how to ride the great digital wave and where to get started, read on.

The main areas to adapt to the digital world can be broadly categorized as Technology and People.

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds making it possible to browse, compare, and review services online, offering comfort and convenience at our fingertips. This demands that businesses always remain accessible through a variety of channels and use all the latest tools. The fact that you don’t need to be an IT specialist to be effective is comforting. Armed with some basic knowledge of the trends, backed by professional advice on obtaining the right tools for your needs, and a well-crafted strategy, you will be ready to weather the storm of digital disruption. Some ways to do this are:

  1. Utilize tools and data
    From project management to calendars, there is an array of tools available to help manage your business. Trello, Wrike, Slack, HubSpot are just a few. Utilizing these tools will make you more efficient, allowing for additional growth. The data around us is infinite and technological advances have made it possible to gather critical data seamlessly using smart devices, embedded sensors, bots, and wearables without our knowledge. Data can help you analyze previous performance and make informed decisions in areas that need improvement. Data and tools together can pave your path to progress.
  1. Adjust strategies
    Both your content marketing and digital marketing strategies will need some attention to adapt to the new changes. For example, Instagram recently announced that their algorithm will now favor videos over images. Not too long ago, the biggest buzz was around reels. Either way, attention-grabbing content that is distributed digitally using the right channels and strategies can reach your target audience and attract clients towards your services. This is an effective approach of harnessing technology and current trends to stay relevant.
  1. Technology for your niche
    It’s easier for businesses to be generic and ready to serve the needs of all but to be successful and gain credibility over the competition, it’s important to focus on a specific subset of the audience. Your niche is that subset of people who turn to you for a particular need. With focus on a specific market, you can tailor your technology and offerings to build a unique value proposition for your exact clients.
  1. Encourage innovation
    To be able to ride the waves of change while we are driven by the sea of data around us, it’s important to think outside the box and jump on the newest trends. For example, large retailers like Amazon and Walmart have already started accepting cryptocurrency payments online. Creating a culture that is open to change and eager to innovate will foster longevity and a better relevance over time.

People and the connections you make is an important aspect of business and should be a high priority for staying relevant. This involves a customer-focused approach – building and promoting your brand for success. This can be achieved by doing the following:

  1. Build your brand
    Branding is essential to establishing an identity and standing out among the competition while also creating a connection with your audience. Now more than ever before, building your brand will develop your reputation and help your business grow consistently. Consumers are spoiled for choice, and you must make consistent efforts to give them enough reason to choose you over the others. This can be done by building an authentic identity while using the right keywords and images that will stick in their minds. These can then be used to shape the voice, tone, and aesthetic. You can see how popular brands have rebranded to stay relevant.
  1. Focus on needs
    With all the AI, data-driven decisions, VR, and machine learning surrounding us today, treating our clients like humans is often overlooked. Communicating with clients to learn their pain points and making efforts to deliver and meet, if not exceed, their needs is crucial. The best and most successful businesses have strong people connections that give them a competitive advantage. The irony is that the computing advances and data processing are making it easier for businesses to add this essential human touch.
  1. Be present
    Once you have the right information about your target audience, utilizing it to be present on their platform of choice whether, social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or blogs / vlogs, is a key to success. Using a multi-channel communication strategy to be present and accessible to your clients will keep you relevant.
  1. Engage while communicating
    When it comes to being competitive, communication alone is not enough. While communicating well, you must also engage with your consumers. Engagement lets you view your brand from the consumer’s eye and can build trust and loyalty for your brand that the best advertisements will fail to establish. Becoming relevant in the daily lives of your clients will lead to you staying relevant in business, too.

Granted that staying relevant in business in this digital age is no child’s play, it’s also not rocket science and you should not spend sleepless nights over it. It can be summed up as an essential for all businesses to thrive and can be accomplished by being aware of latest digital trends, utilizing the right tools and platforms to promote yourself, caring about your clients’ needs, and connecting with them while adapting pragmatically. Reach out to us for professional advice on getting started and mapping a way forward to help you stay relevant.

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